A great way to save on rising utility costs.. Skip Laundry Day!
Have your clothes picked-up, washed, folded and returned to your door in about 24 hours. Same Day Service on Saturdays! We are here to provide personalized care for your laundry needs.
Imagine clean fresh scented shirts folded perfectly! We fold our customers shirts with folding boards. So your shirts are all folded neatly; the same size. Just like when you bought them!
If you are doing spring cleaning - and getting ready to store your blankets and comforters, Give us a call and have them washed in our giant machines. Residential sized washers and dryers simply are not big enough to wash most blankets and comforters properly. These items need lots of room to move around, so they will be soft and fluffy when they are dry. We have an extra large 60 pound washing machine and an 80 pound dryer for large items-These machines make a difference you can feel! Trust us to handle your Blankets, Down Comforters and Electric Blankets!
Mom's Laundry offers Earth friendly Dry-Cleaning, an environmentally safe dry cleaning service, as part of our regular pick-up and delivery service. We have partnered with Orchid Cleaners of Los Gatos to use their brand-new state-of-the-art dry cleaning machine! These new machines do not use the old, and very harmful, chemicals that traditional dry cleaning services have used for years. Instead, they use a new, earth friendly cleaning process to clean fabrics and textiles. We provide an additional bag for your "dry clean only" items.
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Skip Laundry Day!
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